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Why choose a female painter & Decorator?

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Some of you may be thinking why should I chose a female painter and decorator? I like to think that we have great attention to detail and work in clean and tidy manner and have high standards. I feel that some people who may live on their own or be older or vulnerable may feel more safe and comfortable with a lady in their home, I know I do.

I started my company so I could help these people and provide a trustworthy, friendly and safe service with competitive rates. I have always felt unsure if a rate has been inflated due to me being female and want to give people that assurance that they are getting a good price!

My main aim is to ensure i do a great job, my customer is extremely happy with the finished look and I am providing good rates and all done in a safe and secure manner. This is all of paramount importance to me as I fully understand how difficult it is to have someone come into your home and giving that level of trust to someone.



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