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Eco-friendly materials

Are you interested In Eco friendly materials? I am and have been looking into what’s available in the market. Seems like there was a legislative change in the level of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) a company could have in paint a few years ago so a lot of the manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and declared their paints were “Eco-friendly” when all they are doing is complying with regulation! So what do you need to look for? Well there are a couple of things to consider. One is whether there is a smell as this is normally a sign of chemicals, next you need to see if all the ingredients are listed on the paint pots, this will show if there is total transparency, then you could consider how the paint is manufactured, this can be found on the company websites for instance. Following research there seems to be about a handful of companies out there who are striving to be truly Eco-friendly!

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